Back Working Hard

The staff and children are all back working hard. The new children are already integral parts of our school and the rest of the pupils are keen to show our newcomers how to be a successful pupil within St. John’s Primary.
We have attached our Establishment Improvement Plan as well as our Standards and Qualities Report in the School Improvement Priorities Section of this site. This will give you an indication of what we will be working on in the coming years to further develop our school.
We have also included this term’s Curriculum Information Sheets in the the Class Pages section of the site. These documents will give you an idea of what your own children’s classes are working on from August until December.
We have also attached a list of the clubs that have been planned so far for this term.
Finally, it is great to see all of the children back after the summer and we look forward to them continuing to shine as the session progresses.
After School Clubs Summary Sep-Dec 2017 (1)