Parent Council Official Roles

Our Parent Council has five Official roles that require to be filled at the Annual General Meeting at the start of the school year. Any Parent/Carer with a child at the school is eligible (through attendance at the PC meetings) to become a General Member of the PC and to take on these roles. You may nominate yourself or be nominated by another PC Member. A summary of the five Official roles is below :

PC Chair / Chairperson 
• To raise awareness of the role and requirements of the PC and to be visible and         approachable to all parents.
• To provide information about the PC to new P1 parents- written and by attending     intake events.
• You are the main link that liaises with the Head Teacher and Local Authority.
• To be aware of issues, concerns and ideas raised by Parents / Carers and ensure   these are raised at the PC meetings of dealt with in the appropriate
• To ensure PC events run smoothly, have the required volunteers and reach their aim.
• To write, gain Head Teacher approval, issue and present (at the AGM) the PC Annual   Report.
• To set the Agenda for the PC meetings and to pass to the Secretary for distribution.
• To chair the PC meetings ; sum up issues, points and decisions, ensuring all have a   voice.
• To ensure decisions and actions are carried out and funds are distributed/used as   agreed.

PC Vice Chair 
• Stands in for the Chair and supports the chair with their role and duties.
• Shadows the Chair in preparation for potentially taking on role the following year.

PC Secretary
• Supports the Chair.
• Issues timeous notice of PC meetings, agenda and Head Teacher’s Report to all PC   members.
• Records meeting attendees (and contact e-mails) and any apologies for absence.
• Takes a minute of meetings, recording decisions and actions to be taken and by   whom.
• Provides minutes for all PC members prior to or at a meeting.
• Handles and deals with all correspondence alongside the Chair.
• Issues requests for volunteer help for various PC events .

PC Treasurer
• To keep accurate financial records.
• To present a financial report at each Parent Council meeting.
• Liaising with the bank and holding the cheque book.
• Ensuring the proper counting and banking of money and making approved payments.
• Providing and accounting for cash floats at events.
• Preparing the annual accounts and arranging for someone to check these before the   AGM.
• Purchasing bulk items from the Cash & Carry for PC events.

PC Web Secretary
• Administer & Moderate the St. John’s Primary School Parent Council/Forum     Facebook Page:
• Ensure relevant and timeous content updates to the PC sections of the St. John’s PS   website:
• Review and advise on any Apps the school may be looking to use
• Create Events on the Facebook Page
• Provide input to any re-design of school website
• Occasionally assist the school senior management team with website/twitter queries
• Review website usage statistics and report to School Senior Management Team