The staff and pupils would like to welcome you to St John’s Primary School website.

In St John’s we constantly strive to ensure a positive school ethos exists where all our children and staff are respected and valued and learn in a supportive environment. We promote positive attitudes to learning through a culture of praise and reward whilst developing high expectations of academic achievement and social, moral and spiritual responsibility.

We fully support the purposes and principles of A Curriculum for Excellence to enable our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

I hope you find this website a useful source of information.

Thank you

Alison Hope

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Click on the link below to find out about our school uniform.

School Uniform

Meet the Staff

Head Teacher – Mrs A Hope

Depute Head – Mrs K. Prentice.     Depute Head (ASN ) – Mr J O’Donnelly

Principal Teacher- Mrs L. Jamieson

Full List of Class Teachers

Mrs Dollan                                                         Miss F Moffat

Miss L Lelland.                                                  Mrs D Alemanno

Miss C Young                                                     Miss R Young

Mrs L  King.                                                       Miss L. Shearer

Mrs L Jamieson                                                 Mrs C Roberts

Mrs L Davis.                                                       Miss L Hutton

Miss C Primrose                                                 Mrs E Gallagher

Mrs F Murray.                                                     Mrs S Sharples

Mr S Murphy                                                      Mr A Ewart

Mrs N Shaw                                                        Mrs Milligan

Mrs S Carle                                                         Mrs J Strang

Mrs M. Palazzo                                                  Miss L. Pinkerton

Miss M Carle

Support Staff

Team Leader – Mrs S Murray

Mrs J Irvine.                                                       Mr T Mullen

Miss E Cormack.                                               Mrs F Allison

Mrs E Gaffney.                                                  Mrs M McLean

Mrs S Bell.                                                         Mrs J Sneddon

Mrs J Jenkins.                                                   Miss L Bryson

Miss L Markey                                                  Miss F Bannatyne

Mrs L. Campbell                                               Mrs H Murray

Mrs B McPake                                                  Mrs O Baker

Mrs M Cuthbert                                                Mrs M Cunningham

Mrs K Brown                                                   

Early Years Worker – Caroline Haigh

Janitor- Mr G Robbins

Please click on the link to see the classes teachers will be responsible for in 2020-21