HMIe Inspection

St. John’s will play host to an HMIe Inspection team for the week beginning 8th May. The Inspectors will have the opportunity to see all the good things happening in our school community, as well as offering advice on how we can improve even further.
As part of the week, the Inspectors would like to talk to groups of parents/carers to get your views on our school. There will be Parent/Carer Discussion groups on Tuesday 9th May. We are keen that you are part of our Inspection week and invite you to call the school if you can be part of these groups.
There is also an online Questionnaire for Parents/Carers. We would be delighted if you could complete these.
The link to the Questionnaire is,

Red Nose Day, 24th March

We are having a Dress Down Day on Friday 24th March. The children can wear any outfit they like (as long as there are no football strips). As it is Red Nose Day, we are encouraging the children to try to wear something red. Any donations brought in by the children will be donated to Red Nose Day.

Parents/Carers Consultation Evening

Parents/Carers will have the chance to come along to the school to talk to their children’s teachers on Thursday 23rd March.
Appointment time letters will be in the children’s bags on Monday 13th March.

We look forward to seeing you then.