Events and Fundraising

At St John’s all fundraising is carried out by the Parent Council and not by a separate PTA within the Parent Council.  Fundraising by the Parent Council provides the school with approximately £5-7k additional funds per year. The Parent Council are always looking for new fundraising ideas or suggestions so if you have any please feel free to share with us or if you are interested in assisting please contact us via email: or via our Facebook:St Johns Primary School – Hamilton – Parent Council/Forum.

Programme of Events 2022-2023

Spring Plant Sale

Christmas Singalong

Halloween Disco

Programme of Events 2021-2022

Programme of Events 2020-2021

Due to the current health situation fundraising opportunities have been limited and restricted.  Any events will be arranged in accordance with current health guidance.

Christmas Gift Wish List

Christmas Gift Wish List event which a fantastic £678. The Pupil Council will choose playground items upon their return to school.  

Spring Sponsored Event

As the children have been unable to participate in the annual February sponsored event a suitable event will be arranged for late Spring.

Annual Spring Fayre/Plant Sale

Our annual Spring Fayre/Plant Sale will unfortunately not be scheduled for this year. Look out for this next year!

Past fundraising

2018/19 – Events Programme for 2018/19

2017/18 – Events Programme for 2017/18

2016/17 –

2015/16 – £7213 raised –  £5000 towards outdoor trim trail, contribution towards new PA System, resources for French and Art,  drumming workshops,  Christmas parties and panto.

2014/15 – £xxxx raised – £2500 towards iPads

2013/14 – £xxxx raised  – £800 Outdoor waterproof clothing, £350 Arts and crafts materials, £450 per class SRA box (for higher order reading skills), £250 Trolley for cooking equipment and savings towards iPads.

2012/13 – £4878 raised and £1170 in book vouchers. Peter Pan Panto, Physics Workshop, Eco Day Games, Christmas Parties, Science Project, Outdoor Seating, Charlotte’s Web, Bee-Bots Class Bundle, ASN Cameras, Titanic Topic. The full expenditure is available here

2011/12 – £4500 raised. Author visit, Parties, Transport for summer outings, Mosaic for garden, 3 Camcorders and non-residential activities

2010/11 – £3900 raised. £1800 used to help purchase a new literacy reading scheme for P1-P3 pupils and £2100 to help subsidise school trips and other educational visits.