P1 Transition

We are delighted that you have chosen for your child to join us at St John’s Primary and we cannot wait to welcome them into our school family when schools reopen.

This will mark the start of their journey through Primary School where they will be celebrated, nurtured and supported in developing all of their key academic, social and emotional life skills.

You are, and will continue to be, the first educator of your child and we look forward to working in partnership with you throughout your child’s school career. By working together we can ensure your child will be happy, healthy and successful in reaching their full potential.

Transition to St John’s

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, our planned transition programme has had to be cancelled in-line with Government guidance. Whilst this is unfortunate, we have made a range of resources available below that will help prepare your child for this exciting next step.

Please be assured that:

  • The school will receive transition reports about your child from their Nursery.
  • The school has met our Senior Manager of Pupil Support, Joanne Faulkiner, Support Services Co-ordinator, Andrew Riddell, and individual nurseries to discuss how best to support children who require additional support.
  • The P1 Transition Tab on our website will be kept updated, giving you essential information about the school. I would encourage you to use this as your main point of information.
  • We ask if you have any concerns or worries please email us.
  • We will continue to email you to ensure you are kept up to date with all school news.

Transition Activities

School Tour

Each year, one of the most important aspects of a child’s transition to Primary School is for them to become familiar with their new surroundings. We recognise that being unfamiliar with and unable to visualise the school building can be unsettling for some.

To help build this familiarity we have created the following video, giving your child a virtual tour of their new school and life at St John’s.

Please follow this link to the tour.   https://youtu.be/NnvqU-l0fiA

Primary 1 Pupil Booklet

To accompany our school tour video, we have also created a transition booklet that lets your child see some additional areas of the school and become familiar with some of the staff members they will see on a regular basis.

Boaster Poster

To help prepare your child for life at St John’s, each year we provide a Boaster Poster, with a list of activities that each child should become confident in performing before starting school. This will ensure a growing independence and positive approach to tasks that they will be required to perform on a regular basis.

Primary 1 All About Me

Normally when we meet parents on our induction days we ask about what your child likes and dislikes. To help staff settle your child it would be helpful if you could complete the All About Me sheet and bring it with you on your child’s first day of school.

Primary 1 Parent Booklet

To support parents with children starting Primary 1 we have made a booklet which should answer some of your questions. Currently we are unable to say exactly how schools will reopen but we will keep you updated through our website.

We would like to reassure parents that we will be following all guidelines to ensure that our school is as safe as possible for all users.

Buddy Programme

In St John’s we have a very effective buddy programme where new children are paired with senior pupils who know school routines. Usually we pair up two senior pupils with a Primary 1 child; they are in the same House group.

Buddies help at lunch and break times to support younger children. Currently we are unsure how this will work and will adhere to all social distancing guidelines when issued.