Parent Council Members


The full list of Parent Council Members for 2013-2014 are: –

Name Member Type Office Bearers
Gayle Baxter Parent Secretary
Stephen Black Parent
Joanne Carroll Parent Web Secretary
Lynsey Coyle Parent
Joanne Cunningham Parent
Monica Clemente Parent
Jo Dunbar Parent
Diane Farrell Parent
Susan Gemmell Parent Vice Chair
Alan Gibson Parent
Jacqui Gibson Parent
Anne Grahamn Parent
Tamsin Graham Parent
June Gribbin Parent
Fiona Ibell Parent
Alison Irvine Parent
Anne Mitchell Parent
Roselyn Murphy Parent
Vicki McCluskey Parent
Linda McInnes Parent
Susannah McIntosh Parent
Jill McLellan Parent
Kamran Mundh Parent
Kirstine Noble Parent
Janet Paton Parent Treasurer
Gordon Peters Parent
Fiona Queen Parent
Jennifer Robb Parent
Eleanor Shields Parent
Emma Smith Parent Chair
Wendy Walker Parent
Angela Wardlaw Parent
Janet Wilson Parent
Sarah Wilson Parent
Alison Hope Co-Opt/Staff
Paul MacConnell Co-Opt-Staff
Fiona Moffat Co-Opt/Staff
Janace Telfer Co-Opt-Staff

For the next scheduled meeting please visit our What’s Happening page.

Although not members of the Parent Council local Councillors Monica Lennon, David McLachlan and Lynn Adams regularly attend the Parent Council meetings.  A number of issues such as local area speed limit signs have been addressed by the local Councillors and their continued support at St. John’s is welcome and valued.

If you would like to get in touch with the Parent Council for any reason please contact us by email at: