School Return Arrangements

Letter from Headteacher – 15th March Return

10 March 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I am very pleased to welcome all our children back to school on Monday 15 March.

I am very much looking forward to seeing all our learners.

I want to thank all of our families for all your hard work with home learning and support over the past weeks. Your kind comments have been much appreciated by the staff.

Children can be dropped off at the main gate between 8.45am and 9.15am. There is an adult presence in the playground from 8.45am onwards.

To allow us to provide more space in the playground for children to play and remain in class bubbles we have staggered our break and lunch times. Children in rooms 2-8 will have a break with the teacher in the afternoon to allow them time to move about before starting learning again.

We ask all parents to remain 2m apart from other families and to always wear a mask and follow the one-way system in the school grounds.

I have put important times and collection points in the table below. Please check the time and gate for your child.

Children who have brothers and sisters in school will meet in the gym hall at 2.50pm and be dismissed from the gym hall doors at 2.50pm, leaving through the main gate.

We will be reviewing the staggered breaks to see if there is anything else, we can do to enhance safety for parents, staff and children in the school. We plan to continue with the staggered break times until the Spring Break.

We ask that as many parents as possible do not enter the school grounds at collection times but make arrangements with children to meet at an agreed point- the Bent Park is part of our Park and Stride initiative. We hope that older children will be able to meet an adult at a set place safely, thus reducing the number of adults in the school grounds.

If parents are waiting for children to exit the school by the main entrance please stand well back.

I am very pleased to tell you that we have most of our new support staff in place and extend a warm welcome to Fay Wylie- Team leader, Hazel Wyper- School Office, Danielle Cooper- SSA and one more School Support Assistant who will start in the next few weeks.

Our main focus between now and the Spring Break is to get children into a daily routine, reassure them about their learning and assess where they are in order to put in place individual/ group learning targets to support their learning journey.

Parent Phone consultations are underway providing the opportunity to discuss children’s learning and any concerns Parents/ Carers may have for a full return to school.

Yours faithfully,

Alison Hope.

Class Teacher SSA Play break Lunch break Exiting the building
Room 2 Lauren Hutton Fiona Bannatyne 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Side gate- 2.50pm
Room 3 Lorna Milligan Alissa Delaney 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Main entrance
    Heather Murray      
    Caroline Haigh      
    Olivia Baker      
Room 4 Alan Ewart Eileen Gaffney 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Main entrance
    Lesley Davis      
Room 5 Rachael Young/ May Palazzo Bernadette McPake 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Main entrance
    Elaine Cormack      
Room 6 Laura Pinkerton Susie Wallace 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Side gate- 3pm
Room 7 Lorraine King June Sneddon 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Main gate- 2.50pm
Room 8 Corinne Primrose Moira Cuthbert 10.15-10.30am 12-12.45pm Main gate- 3pm
Room 9 Fiona Moffat Moira Cuthbert 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Main gate- 2.50pm
Room 10 Megan Carle Lisa Markey 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Main entrance
    Danielle Cooper      
Room 11 Lorna Davis/ Lorna Lelland Mhairi MacLean 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Side gate- 2.50pm
Room 12 Claire Young New SSA 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Main gate- 3pm
Room 13 Elaine Gallagher Tam Mullen 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Main entrance
    Lesley Campbell      
Room 14 Denise Dolan New SSA 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Main gate- 3pm
Room 15 Laurie Shearer New SSA 10.35-10.50am 12.45- 1.30pm Side gate- 3pm
Siblings         Main gate -2.50pm