School Transport – Message from South Lanarkshire Council

We would be grateful if you could bring to parents’ attention that they can apply for school transport for August 2023 if required, particularly for children due to start in P1 and due to move to S1.  Please note that parents need to apply for privilege transport every year, however, only once for entitled transport to primary and secondary school unless their circumstances change e.g. a change of address.

The link to apply is below:-

Outcomes letters are currently being emailed out to parents who have already applied.  We would encourage parents to apply as soon as possible to reduce any potential transport outcome delays when the school starts.

Letter form Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer,

There have been lots of changes happening in St John’s School over the last few weeks. We are having some adaptations to the building started over the Easter holidays as well as carpets and paintwork being refreshed.

Our new carpets are lovely and welcoming for our children to work on. In order to maintain the carpets, we are asking for all children to change their shoes on entering the school into indoor shoes. The indoor shoes can be left in the school cloakrooms. Please write your child’s name on the indoor shoes and send with them on Monday 17 April.

Some of the building work will not be fully completed over the holidays and we will still be working around the workmen until May 23.

We would also like to thank everyone for their kind donations to the school, our Sponsor Walk raised £2435.80. We are so grateful to have a such a supportive school community.

I would like to wish you all a restful and hopefully a sunshine filled holiday and thank you for your support over the last term.

Yours faithfully

Alison Hope

Head Teacher

Industrial Action – Teacher Unions

Dear Parent/Carer

Industrial Action – Teacher Trade Unions

I let you know recently of the planned national strike by members of the teacher trade unions onTuesday 10 January 2023.

You will be aware that negotiations are continuing at a national level, but I would confirm that unless the strike is called off prior to this date the school will be closed on Tuesday 10 January 2023 for all pupils.

You may therefore wish to make contingency plans for childcare on Tuesday 10 January 2023.

School breakfast clubs will not operate on the day of the strike.

Yours sincerely

Head Teacher

Industrial Action – Teacher Trade Unions

Dear Parent/Carer

Industrial Action – Teacher Trade Unions

I am writing to inform you that the Council has been advised of further plans for industrial action by the teacher trade unions in the new year.  This next stage of industrial action means that schools across Scotland will be targeted on specific days.

We have been notified by several teacher trade unions that their members will strike on:

  • Tuesday 10 January 2023primary, ASN schools, and early years centres.
  • Wednesday 11 January 2023 – all secondary and secondary ASN schools

Based on the information currently available, this will mean severe disruption to Primary, Secondary

and ASN schools and/or classes and is likely to result in schools having to close.

The EIS has intimated their plans to introduce a rolling period of industrial action across schools in Scotland with Friday 3 February 2023 being a further date identified for strike action in South Lanarkshire.

The purpose of this letter is to provide notice so that you can consider contingency plans for childcare for these days.  I will provide a further update prior to the Christmas holiday period, or as information becomes available.

I trust that this information is helpful.

Yours sincerely

Head Teacher