Letter from Headteacher – Class Arrangements for Next Session

Dear Parent/ Carer,

Proposed Classes for next year

We have been working with Council Offices to confirm the number of children coming to St John’s in August.

At present we are hoping to form 9 Mainstream classes and 5 Supported classes.

With the current numbers we have, this is the proposed class plan for next year below.

This may change due to placing request decisions or children moving into our catchment area over the summer.

When all pupil numbers are confirmed, staffing for teaching staff and Support Staff will then be confirmed as well.

Room Stage
Room 1 P1/2/3 ASN
Room 2 P1
Room 4 P3/4/5 ASN
Room 5 P4/5/6 ASN
Room 6 P1/2
Room 7 P2/3
Room 8 P3/4
Room 9 P4/5
Room 10 P4/5 ASN
Room 11 P5
Room 12 P6
Room 13 P6/7 ASN
Room 14 P6/7
Room 15 P7

When making decisions about children’s classes we use their reading and literacy scores to try to ensure that they are with a group of similar level of ability. In addition, within ASN we take into account general group dynamics. This year there will not be the usual Meet the Teacher where children and staff all move around the school. Instead children and staff can meet in the playground to get to recognise faces.

Letters will be issued on Monday 21 June informing children and Parents/ Carers of the proposed classes for next year.

Yours faithfully

Alison Hope