Industrial Action by Local Government Trade Unions

Dear Parent/Carer

Industrial Action by Local Government Trade Unions

I am writing to inform you that a number of trade unions for local government employees have notified the Council that their members will be taking part in a strike.  This action is likely to include the withdrawal of labour by janitors, staff in cleaning, catering, early years and school support staff. 

The planned strike days are Tuesday 6 September, Wednesday 7 September and Thursday 8 September 2022.

The industrial action is likely to impact significantly on schools, nurseries and education services.  At this stage it is difficult to predict the precise effect the strike will have but it is likely to mean that some schools/establishments will have to close at short notice.

We are asking parents and carers to note the following:-

  • At this stage we do not know those schools/establishments that will be affected.  However, given the anticipated disruption you may wish to consider making precautionary childcare arrangements should we have to close due to the impact of the industrial action.
  • Even if schools remain open some services may not be provided as normal, for example, the provision of school meals.  Due to the uncertainty over catering availability, children may have to bring their own packed lunch to school on the day of the targeted strike and for those families entitled to a free school meal an arrangement will be made to reimburse the cost of a school meal.
  • For children with additional support needs who normally receive transport from buses provided by Fleet Services or via taxis, there is a risk that this service may not be available at short notice.
  • School breakfast clubs will be withdrawn if our establishment is affected by the industrial action.
  • School crossing patrols may be affected and, in this context, parents should be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that their child(ren) get to school safely.

I hope that by providing you with this information just now will make you aware of what could arise given that the trade unions have this week indicated their intention to take industrial action which will impact on schools and nurseries. 

I will let you know of the position for our establishment when further details are known and we will continue to follow the advice from the council on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Head Teacher