Updated Key Worker Enrolment Form

Please complete and return the attached form if you require Key Worker child-care places for the coming two weeks.

Please note that St. John’s will be closed for all children on the 8th, 9th and 10th February due to local holidays and an In-set day.

South Lanarkshire have made the following announcement in respect to the days schools are closed.

“Places are available for a limited number of children on these days at central Hubs throughout South Lanarkshire. Places will be limited and we would expect that most parents will use annual leave or make alternative childcare arrangements during this holiday period.  We have therefore reviewed the criteria for these three days of childcare to ensure that only the most critical keyworkers involved in directly supporting the COVID-19 response and other targeted emergency/critical services will be considered for placement.

A google application form is being finalised and the analysis of applications and allocation of places will be undertaken centrally”.

We will inform families of more details when they become available.