Industrial Action – Local Authority Trade Unions

Dear Parent/Carer

Industrial Action – Local Government Trade Unions

You may recall that we let you know earlier about the potential impact of targeted industrial action by the Local Government Trade Unions.

I can now confirm that there is extensive support from a wide range of unions for the 3-day strike on Tuesday 6 September, Wednesday 7 September and Thursday 8 September 2022.

Given the impact that this withdrawal of labour by janitorial, cleaning, catering and support staff will have the Council has taken the decision to close the school on health and safety grounds on these days.

The council is making arrangements to help those families who are entitled to a free school meal. A free school meal payment of £7.50 is expected to be made by Thursday 8 September 2022.  The payment will be made directly into bank accounts.  However, if there is an issue, please contact us and we will support you in this regard.

We regret the inconvenience that the school closure will cause families and at this stage would urge you to make plans for alternative arrangements for your child during this time.

The school will re-open again on Friday 9 September 2022.

Yours sincerely

Alison Hope.

Head Teacher